People are furious at J.K. Rowling and her wizard school in Africa


A few days ago, Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling announced on her website “Pottermore” the location of other “wizarding schools” around the world, with locations in Africa, Brazil, North America and Japan:

But it’s the way she phrased it in the announcement that has social justice warriors up in arms. The schools in Braziland Japanare described as part of the country in which they arelocated (the exact location of the North American school is still a mystery). With the school that’s actually in Uganda, it’s just referred to as in Africa, the continent:

The outcry was swift:

J.K. Rowling herself even jumped in and seemed to agree that she was at fault:

But as of the writing of this post, the wording has yet to be changed:

FWIW, Canadians are mad, too, that they were left out, but there’s still hope:

Australians, too:

It seems that if you complain to J.K. Rowling she’ll add a wizardry school wherever you want.

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