Protester interrupts Senator McCain’s speech at Romney Memorial Day event, McCain calls him ‘jerk’!/stevebruskCNN/status/207176176026918913

Senator McCain was speaking at a Mitt Romney event in San Diego today, when he was interrupted by a protester.

Protester in black POW-MIA t-shirt starts yelling. He's escorted out. McCain says "Jerk"

— Sam Youngman (@samyoungman) May 28, 2012

McCain, speaking before Romney, calls heckler (or protester, I couldn't quite tell) at Memorial Day speech in San Diego a "jerk"

— Ben Geman (@Ben_Geman) May 28, 2012

straight talk express returns!? 🙂 “@McCormickJohn: "Jerk" McCain says after protestor removed from crowd in San Diego. #2012”

— Jen Glover Konfrst (@JKonfrst) May 28, 2012

The crowd backs McCain and hushes the protester.

A protestor just tried to disrupt Romney-McCain Memorial Day event. The man is removed and McCain retorts "Jerk!" #winning #weloveourtroops

— Andrew Bair (@ProLifePolitics) May 28, 2012

Protester being escorted out of Romney Memorial Day event. "Jerk," McCain deadpans, to cheers

— Rachel Streitfeld (@streitfeldcnn) May 28, 2012

One protester interrupted @SenJohnMcCain mid speech was promptly escorted out to the crowd chanting "USA! USA!" McCain: "Jerk!"

— Alexander Nguyen (@AlexNSanDiego) May 28, 2012

Some on the scene photos and tweets.

Sen. McCain, to man ejected for noisily disrupting Mem Day observance in San Diego: "Jerk!". Romney, audience laugh, applaud.

— Gene Cubbison (@gcubnbcsd) May 28, 2012

A heckler interrupts @SenJohnMcCain's speech. He just left and crowd is booing the man. #McCain just called him "jerk!"

— Melissa Mecija (@10NewsMecija) May 28, 2012

Heckler walks out while McCain is speaking.. McCain waits, says 'jerk,'.. One word received big applause/laugh from crowd. @nbcsandiego

— Megan Tevrizian (@meganNBC) May 28, 2012

Romney & McCain honoring our heroes. Why McCain yells out "jerk!" in the middle of his speech. Live @ 5 & 6:30pm CBS8

— Alicia Summers (@AliciaCBS8) May 28, 2012

Nice job, San Diego! Way to take care of business.

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