Red Bull may no longer give you wings if Sen. Durbin gets his way!/BevNETCraven/status/187884034616078336

#RedBull may no longer give you wings! Senator Dick Durbin wants caffeine limits imposed on energy drinks bc of potential health risks.

— Natasha (@ReporterNatasha) April 5, 2012

So a kid dies from Red Bull and now they want to ban it? I've got an idea.. Lets just ban everything that exists! @WillieGeist1 @Morning_Joe

— Üñíçørñ Blá©khâwk (@BluntChick) April 5, 2012

Naturally there’s a petition demanding greater FDA regulation of caffeinated beverages, but as of 9:30 a.m. ET today, it had attracted just 53 signatures.

FDA: Start Placing Caffeine Content on 5 Hour Energy and Monster via @change

— Ally Vertigan (@allyvertigan) April 3, 2012

Sen. Durbin’s push to investigate turbo charged drinks like Red Bull, Monster Energy, and Rockstar follows the December death of a 14-year-old girl who consumed toxic levels of caffeine.

#Senate After Death of Young Girl, Durbin Calls for FDA to Investigate Energy Drinks … #Politics

— Quorum Call (@QuorumCall) April 5, 2012

In his letter to the FDA, Durbin writes:

I am calling on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take regulatory action to address the rising health concerns around energy drinks.

Energy drinks with names like Monster Energy, Red Bull, Rockstar, Full Throttle, and AMP are now common fixtures in grocery stores, vending machines, and convenience stores. These products target young people claiming to increase attention, stamina, performance, and weight loss. The website for Monster Energy Drink claims to deliver “twice the buzz of a regular energy drink…and the big bad buzz you know and love.” Rockstar Energy Drink claims “to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles.” The glossy marketing tailored to youth has worked – 30 to 50 percent of adolescents report consuming energy drinks.

While parents should certainly be aware of the dangers of caffeine toxicity, the chorus of “There oughta be a law!” every time a tragedy occurs is tiresome.

We’re sure amped up energy drink lovers will want to tweet Durbin their most stimulating thoughts on the matter. You can reach him on Twitter at @SenatorDurbin.

Update: Fans of energy drinks (and freedom) are not amused by Durbin’s latest crusade.

Leave the energy drinks alone, quit invading every part of our lives, WE'RE SICK OF [email protected]

— Angela Poteet (@ajpoteet) April 5, 2012

@SenatorDurbin Get out of MY LIFE. Do something constructive stay away from energy drinks, 1 death does not a crisis make! #tcot #RedBull

— Ann (@Evilpa) April 5, 2012

@SenatorDurbin Maybe you should focus on your LEGAL duties, like passing a budget, rather than continuing your anti-caffeine jag

— Calvin Dodge (@caldodge) April 5, 2012

.@SenatorDurbin Y'know…everyone who swallows saliva in small amounts over a long time DIES. #BanSpit

— Eric H. (@ericinva) April 5, 2012

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