Replies to Jake Tapper’s Obama, Clinton caption contest will crack you up [pic]!/twolf10/status/514826395005239296

What lighting? Well, this happened:

Caption contest

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) September 24, 2014


Ask and ye shall receive, Mr. Tapper! Get ready to giggle madly.

@jaketapper The Body Language of the Eyes (from Psychology Today)

— ConservativeTalk (@remzelk1) September 24, 2014

.@jaketapper Obama is one of the few people that hates Bill more than Hillary.

— Bobby (@bfinstock) September 24, 2014

@jaketapper *I* didn't call me the first black president!

— Lord Pinky (@HiddenPinky) September 24, 2014

@jaketapper "I used all my best lines, but she still wouldn't have a drink with me…"

— Habib Jones (@habib2001) September 24, 2014

@jaketapper "And that's when I knew I should have taken the dress to the drycleaners"

— Hashem Said (@hash_said) September 24, 2014

@jaketapper "Couldn't you have kept her in Washington a little longer?"

— Habib Jones (@habib2001) September 24, 2014

@jaketapper "You think it was tough to work with her for 3 years? Try living with her."

— paulyballgame (@paulyballgame) September 24, 2014

@jaketapper If I have to pretend to be your friend, the least you can do is wipe that nasty look off your face

— Jennifer Hendricks (@JennTaskMaster) September 24, 2014

@jaketapper BO: When I open my eyes, he better be gone #captioncontest

— tas (@tsalad) September 24, 2014

"Hillary should be fetching coffee for us." RT @jaketapper: Caption contest

— Matt (@mdrache) September 24, 2014

I'm NOT getting him coffee RT @jaketapper Caption contest

— Rick Sheridan (@RickSheridan) September 24, 2014

And for the win:

"Dude. Don't salute like a jackass." RT @jaketapper: Caption contest

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) September 24, 2014



Did Obama perform the #LatteSalute with a Styrofoam cup before he went to the UN to talk about the environment?

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Watch President Obama land in NYC and salute US Marines with a cup 

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