Report: Feds find no connection between Gov. Christie and lane closures!/Tom_Winter/status/512723715285479425

WNBC’s Jonathan Dienst reports Thursday evening that federal investigators have found no connection between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge lane closures.

After 9 Months, Federal Probe of GWB Closure Finds No Link to Christie, Federal Sources Say via @nbcnewyork

— jonathan dienst (@jonathan4ny) September 18, 2014

The U.S. Justice Department investigation into New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s role in “Bridgegate” has thus far uncovered no information he either knew in advance or directed the closure of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge, federal officials tell NBC 4 New York.

Federal officials caution that the investigation begun nine months ago is ongoing and that no final determination has been made, but say that after nine months authorities have uncovered no information Christie either knew in advance or ordered the closure of traffic lanes.

Hardest hit by the news: MSNBC.

@JohnEkdahl Quick, let's turn on MSNBC and see who cries.

— John Sexton (@verumserum) September 18, 2014

#Bridgegate is over, Emo R. Murrow hardest hit.

— Jimmy (@JimmyPrinceton) September 18, 2014

.@Tom_Winter @jonathan4ny Is @msnbc going to do wall-to-wall coverage of this story or will the lone tweet suffice?

— DC Dude (@DCDude1776) September 18, 2014

@guypbenson @iowahawkblog STOP THE PRESSES. No doubt MSNBC will go wall to wall with this earth shattering news. ( Crickets)….

— Boris Berejan (@Kozakman) September 18, 2014

@Tom_Winter @jimgeraghty @jonathan4ny I promise this will get at LEAST as much coverage as the original allegations. Promise.

— Thomas (@thomasa56) September 18, 2014

@Tom_Winter @NoahCRothman @jonathan4ny Great scoop, sorry no one else will report it. They're probably "busy."

— TC (@TFCochran) September 18, 2014

After nine months, isn’t it time to move on? Or does the scandal just go deeper?

@Tom_Winter @jimgeraghty @jonathan4ny that will not be enough for Christie haters

— Margaret Harrington (@62jerseygirl) September 18, 2014

@Tom_Winter @charlescwcooke @jonathan4ny Doesn't mean they won't keep looking.

— John Blackout (@SageCommander) September 18, 2014

Wow, federal investigators are involved in the coverup.

— John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) September 18, 2014

@JohnEkdahl That just proves that we need more investigation.

— Michael Kokoski (@MRKokoski) September 18, 2014

I would add: while Hayes and the MSNBC gang were fapping to #bridgegate, CNN did real investigative journalism in uncovering the VA scandal.

— Jimmy (@JimmyPrinceton) September 18, 2014

@Tom_Winter @jimgeraghty @jonathan4ny Nice- looking forward now to the Feds investigating corruption in the IRS, VA, DoJ, etc.

— yadisneck (@yadisneck) September 18, 2014

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