Report: Miami Dolphins veteran players routinely extract money from rookie teammates!/AdamHBeasley/status/397047636915924992

The Miami Dolphins and Dolphins player Richie Incognito are both denying a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter that former Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin left the team as a result of harassment/bullying.!/68INCOGNITO/status/397002427775598592

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
Winston Churchill— Richie incognito (@68INCOGNITO) November 03, 2013!/68INCOGNITO/status/396997521211662336

Meanwhile, the Miami Herald’s Dolphins reporter, Adam Beasley, is tweeting that older players routinely take financial advantage of rookies:!/AdamHBeasley/status/397046963608502272!/AdamHBeasley/status/397047176087748608!/AdamHBeasley/status/397048628101263360!/AdamHBeasley/status/397063343867187200

Beasley retweeted these three tweets (one of which was deleted but preserved by Twitchy shortly before this post was published) by Dolphin players Jared Odrick and Will Davis:!/JaredOdrick98/status/396498498839121920!/WillieD_effect/status/396490370445758464

Davis says the $30,000 #RookieNight bill was split among more than one player:!/WillieD_effect/status/397062967554232320

How many players, and were all of them rookies?

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