Revolting: Unhinged libs wish Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney had been aborted!/notsarahallen/status/256579074942697472

As Twitchy reported earlier, Paul Ryan’s pro-life story about his nicknaming his daughter “Bean” after he saw her on an ultrasound inspired deranged gutter-tweets from people cracking jokes about abortion. Other reprehensible progressives wished rape on Ryan’s wife Janna.

But the sick hatred didn’t end there.

Ryan’s passionate pro-life stance so enrages the pro-abortion Left that many fantasized about his mother aborting him. All because they disagree with his politics. Well, that and the fact that they’re evil.

Ryan should have been aborted *shrugs*

— BisexualAsshxle (@DigitalChoclate) October 12, 2012

*Shrugs*. No biggie to wish an unborn child had been torn from his mother’s womb.

Ryan should have been snorted and aborted!

— App ✌ (@TherzAnAPP4That) October 12, 2012

“Snorted and aborted”? What does that even mean? Is the incomprehensible rhyming supposed to distract from the soullessness?

Paul Ryan should have been aborted…there I said it.

— Ian Scott (@TomIanScott) October 12, 2012

Wish Paul Ryan was aborted

— Michael (@i_like_dinner) October 12, 2012

Shut the fuck up Ryan. Conception?! You’re fucking cells! Your mother should have aborted you!

— Bri Dahl (@whoa_phoebe) October 12, 2012

Maybe you should have been aborted Ryan! #VPDebate

— Cameron Eade (@cam667) October 12, 2012

I wish Paul Ryan was aborted #VPDebates

— bighap (@bighap83) October 12, 2012

I wish Paul Ryan was aborted. Go Joe!

— Justin Vaughn (@JustinVaughn) October 12, 2012

Someone should have aborted Paul Ryan. #jerk #VPDebate #prochoice

— Marki Dittman (@Marki_MD) October 12, 2012

It’s ironic that Romney/Ryan are pro-life because they both should have been aborted #hatefulcunts

— Carson Kegerreis (@TurkeyLeftovers) October 12, 2012

Ryan=should have been an abortion.

— DanDustin (@bigmpunch) October 12, 2012

Paul Ryan is so full of elephant shit. I wish he had been an abortion.

— Caitlin Vetere (@captaincaitlin5) October 12, 2012

Some wished that both Ryan and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney had been snuffed out in their mother’s wombs.

Ryan and Romney should have been aborted.

— Burrito. ♍ ✌ (@humbramo) October 12, 2012

Romney and Ryan should have been aborted.

— Loki (@_JeffDozier_) October 12, 2012

Romney and Ryan want to prevent abortions in case more conservative assholes like them crawl out. They should’ve been aborted.

— aj. (@Xylophingering) October 12, 2012

#yesidid I wish romney/ryan’s mothers had an abortion yup I do as a matter of fact republicans should have to have mandatory abortions

— CWTSH (@mindbody88) October 12, 2012


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