Royal Birthday: Prince William turns 30, receives snarky best wishes!/MariaFowler/status/215771345487790080

Happy birthday, Prince William! The prince turns 30 years old today and is reportedly celebrating it privately with his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Duke of Cambridge has another reason to celebrate this year; he inherited millions left to him by his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Duke of Cambridge inherits £10m on his 30th birthday – Telegraph

— Charles Edward Frith (@charlesfrith) June 21, 2012

The Twitterverse stepped up, or curtsied, to wish the prince their best.

Happy 30th birthday to Prince William! A look back at his life in the spotlight —

— The Week (@TheWeek) June 21, 2012

Prince William turns 30 today, thus inheriting $15.5 million from his mother. In other news, I'm still waiting to turn 9. #GetOnItMarcBrown

— Arthur Read (@arthur_read8) June 21, 2012

Of course, some were more snarky than others.

Prince William turns 30 today… His hairline turns 70 tho

— marlon wayans (@MarlonWayans) June 21, 2012

Oh, no, he di’int! Jealous of his success with the ladies?

Prince William turns 30: See his early pics with Diana, dreamy teen years when we all wanted to marry him & more:

— People magazine (@peoplemag) June 21, 2012

Happy 30th birthday Prince William, who inherits £10m today. Some may envy. Others will ask: Who wants to be a million heir?

— Oli Barrett (@OliBarrett) June 21, 2012


Prince bloody William. Every single year he steals my thunder. And this year he gets £10m inheritance. Thanks a bunch Wills.

— Paul Bradley (@BrumRoadRunner) June 21, 2012

Prince William I'm really really happy for your marriage and Imma let you finish but PRINCE HARRY IS THE BEST PRINCE OF ALL TIME.

— catherine. (@catherssss) June 21, 2012

Royal parody accounts offer their “best” as well.

Wills and I are downing Jagerbombs, Granny is looking horrified. Happy 30th bro. (Prince William)

— Prince Harry (@Prince___Harry) June 21, 2012

Prince William is 30 today. He said he didn't want an expensive present, so one has bought him Italy.

— Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) June 21, 2012

Kate's giving Prince William his 30th birthday breakfast in bed. Extra sausage.

— Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH) June 21, 2012


And, trending!

oooh it's Prince William's birthday! That's why he's trending! :L Happy Birthday then Will 😛 Have a good one!

— Cathryn (@CathyHJ) June 21, 2012

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