Rubio spokesman jokes about fictional jihadist’s Gang of 8 bill endorsement!/AlexConant/status/327930488356499457

Alex Conant (left) is Gang of 8’er Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio’s press secretary.

Navid Negahban (center) is an actor who portrays al Qaeda leader Abu Nazir on the television show “Homeland.” They attended the White House Correspondents’ dinner last night and had a jolly good time.

But outside the bubble, the laugh track ain’t playin’.

Contrary to the Hollywood star’s expert analysis, Rubio’s plan clearly would not strengthen U.S. border security. It would, however, make it easier for terrorist plotters who reside here illegally to obtain legal status and become U.S. citizens — just as many previous jihadists have done.

Law-breakers around the world treat our borders as a joke. We’re disturbed that a top staffer of one of the Right’s most prominent political figures continues to share the glib attitude — especially after his “slavery” debacle a few weeks ago.

@alexconantWithout a doubt, the most ignorant tweet of the entire year so far.Is this all a big joke to you?

— Kyle Massey (@TeachUrChildren) April 27, 2013

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