Sally Kohn upset at starring in four Twitchy posts in two days — so we’re making it five; Update: Kohn says she wasn’t upset!/sallykohn/status/384850412341166081

Most media personalities love attention, but not liberal Fox News contributor Sally Kohn. Then again, maybe it’s just scrutiny that she abhors. Either way, she’s unhappy that we’ve run four posts lambasting her in the last two days, and wants to know if that’s a record.

It isn’t, by the way. That happens to President Obama every day, so Sally has company.

Still, if she really wants us to leave her alone, we’re happy to give her a few helpful hints. You see, we’re nice people, but our job is to illuminate people who say idiotic things on Twitter. So, if you want us to leave you alone, the general rule of thumb is not to be idiotic, unfeeling, nonsensical, rude, ghoulish, or generally nasty with your Twitter account. Sensible people just aren’t that much fun for us (unless they’re responding to bone-headedness).

Those are the basics, but we know that might be hard to interpret. So, here are five real-world scenarios to avoid:

1) Don’t refer to government gun-running programs that kill American agents as “rabbit holes.”

2) Don’t compare routine “government shutdowns” to Somalia when all essential government functions can and will remain operational.

3) Don’t call conservatives crazy for saying the President won’t negotiate on the debt ceiling when he said he would not do so on national television.

4) Don’t say that Republicans are worse than the Iranian dictatorship.

5) Don’t complain on Twitter that we spend too much time attacking your tweets. (Seriously, you gave us this one on a silver platter.)

We hope that these tips are helpful. If implemented, they should only take a few days to yield positive results.

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Kohn says she wasn’t upset.!/sallykohn/status/384875699896471552

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Editor’s note: This post has been edited to fix a typo.

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