Sean Bielat campaign launches ‘Match Michael Moore’ fundraiser!/SeanBielat/status/212239484656435201

Sean Bielat, Republican candidate for Massachusetts’ fourth Congressional district, is calling on his supporters to show limousine-liberals like Michael Moore the meaning of a true grassroots effort.

It’s ironic that Joe Kennedy III, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and other liberal politicians whine incessantly about “The Evil One Percent” while relying on them to fund their campaigns. Their hypocrisy would be comical if it weren’t so sad.

Case in point:

According to FEC reports, America-hating progressive filmmaker Michael Moore has donated $2,500 to Joe Kennedy III.

Sean Bielat relies on grassroots supporters like you. His average donation is less than $90 while Kennedy’s is greater than $1,000! This begs the question: To whom is Joe Kennedy III accountable? (Hint: It’s not “we the people”.)

The fundraiser goes until midnight on June 12. To learn more about Bielat, visit

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