Sequester Shmequester! John Kerry releasing $250 million in aid to Egypt!/seanagnew/status/308568599331749888

Wait, what?

Well I see where John Kerry just sequestered Egypt for two hundred and fifty million dollarsWonder who picked up that tab

— Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) March 4, 2013

I see the sequester didn’t interfere with $250 million in new economic aid to Egypt. Kerry: “The U.S. can and wants to do more.”

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) March 4, 2013

That’s right. Secretary of Dunce John Kerry is releasing $250 million in aid to Egypt. Morsi’s power grab? Totally a cause for aid.

so we have 250 million for Egypt but no money for our #military & social programs? #tcot…

— Joseph Kerry (@josephkerry) March 4, 2013

More from the New York Times:

The statement issued by Mr. Kerry noted that he and Mr. Morsi had discussed the need to ensure the fairness of Egypt’s coming elections, but it did not mention any specific political commitments the Egyptian president had made to receive the aid.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled for April. Some opposition groups have said they will boycott the vote because of what they see as an effort by Mr. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood movement to dominate Egyptian politics.

American officials say that Mr. Kerry asserted that moving ahead with difficult economic changes in Egypt would require a degree of political consensus and was implicitly a promise of some political change.

No commitments? But, hey, he got promises and stuff. And we all know that power-grabbing dictators always keep their word!

U.S. to give Egypt budget aid after assurance on IMF: Kerry

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) March 3, 2013

#Kerry: US releasing millions in aid to #Egypt, but with promise of

— Fox News (@FoxNews) March 4, 2013

Promises, you guys! Americans are questioning something else as well: What about Sequesterpocalygeddon?

ICYMI: The regime that emptied the jails to save money just gave another 250,000,000 of your dollars to Egypt…

— J P (@RileyRebel129) March 4, 2013

@cnn @msnbc @nbc If @barackobama was so worried about (his) sequester cuts to poor Americans, why is he giving money to Egypt and Syria?

— Kristy Lonestar (@luchadora41) March 4, 2013

$250 million in aid to Egypt? During the sequester? Wow. I wonder how our federal employees on furlough feel about that. #mostgenerousnation

— Dan Crivello (@dancrivello) March 4, 2013

So Obama & John Kerry gave Egypt 250 MILLION $… gee, how many criminal illegal aliens would that have left in prison? #tweetcongress

— Katy (@KatyinIndy) March 4, 2013

Go ahead #uniteblue defend Obama giving millions to Egypt while crying about #sequester

— Warren G. Harding (@Snarky_Harding) March 4, 2013

So, Obama and his friends cry about the “pain” that will come from the sequester, and yet, they send MILLIONS to Egypt?#tcot

— Patrick Miranda (@TNMouth) March 4, 2013

Let me get this straight, we have “sequester” going on but can give 250 mil to Egypt in “aid”? Thought we were broke?

— Ashley Busbee (@AshleyBusbee) March 4, 2013

So [email protected]barackobama [email protected]housedemocrats and [email protected]senatedems complain about #sequester then why give $250Mil to #Egypt?do they #deserve the help?

— Sahil Desai (@SahilCDesai) March 4, 2013

Sequester is so devastating that Kerry pops $250 mil for Egypt? Since all our previous $ are paying off brilliantly.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) March 4, 2013

We have plenty of money. Just ask the Muslim Brotherhood. #sequester #egypt

— Casey Kelley (@policygal) March 4, 2013

Since the sequester John Kerry has already managed to give away $60 million to Syria & another $250 million to Egypt #sequester #tcot #Obama

— MR.P (@MRP7262) March 4, 2013

How does #Sequester sound this morning when you read this headline: Kerry Announces $250 Million in U.S. Aid for Egypt. Money well spent?

— John Goodman (@JohnLGoodman) March 4, 2013

Have we figured out how many furlough days could’ve been avoided with the millions given to Egypt, for those Obama predicted Sequester doom?

— N4CER (@n4cerinc) March 4, 2013

Somebody please tell me how we are sequestered and can’t pay our own bills but can give 250 million to Egypt? #StupidDecisionsByKerry!#

— Keith Stevens (@pastorkeiths) March 4, 2013

After all the whining & spinning about his sequester, Obama is giving Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood $250M. Hard to believe.

— Terri Whitter (@TerriWhitter) March 4, 2013

Sadly, it is all too believable and not really surprising. Elections, they have consequences.

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