She Went To Check On This Rescue Dog, But What She Found Was Too Sweet For Words

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As any dog lover knows all too well, canines provide their favorite humans with so much love and comfort.

There’s nothing quite like hugging a dog to make your troubles melt away. Of course, it’s only natural to want to repay some of that kindness.

After the people at Conway Area Humane Society rescued Prissy from living on a concrete slab in the blistering Tennessee heat, they had her spayed. During her recovery, one of the staffers decided to check on Prissy and attempt to record her sleepy cuteness, but she found something so much sweeter instead.

Get ready for all the feels!


Kudos to Chrissy for turning Prissy’s recovery into absolute doggie heaven. Now excuse me while I go grab some tissues. Ten boxes should do the trick.

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