Some Gifs To Show You Just How Terrifying Mother Nature Really Is

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If there’s a single word to describe Mother Nature, it’s probably “scary.” While of course the world is filled with beautiful wonders, those things often don’t illicit the same kind of reaction that something like a giant snake or deadly shark does. Let’s celebrate the awful, terrifying majesty of nature with these 20 .GIFs of nature at its absolute most gross and weird.

1. Witness this majestic centipede shedding its skin. They also eat their old skin when they’re finished.

2. Just a python barfing up a kangaroo it tried to eat.

3. That crab never stood a chance against this hungry stingray.

4. “Down to the depths you go!” – terrifyingly intelligent octopus.

5. Believe it or not, there are carnivorous species of caterpillar.

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6. Clearly this leech enjoys worm spaghetti.

7. I don’t know what this snail is doing…and I don’t want to know.

8. This is a time-lapse of thousands of ants devouring the carcass of a dead lizard.

9. Just keeping his babies safe in his mouth. Make sure you don’t sneeze!

10. This spider is far too smart.

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11. It looks like a pile of hair, but DON’T TOUCH IT!

12. Just a ribbon worm being gross as hell.

13. Snake vs. bird eggs? Snake wins every time.

14. Just…no. NO.

15. Life as a jellyfish is a constant competition.

16. Damn, that’s brutal.

17. That poor snail. Predatory flatworms are no joke.

18. Molting scorpion, anyone?

19. Meet the bobbit worm…’nuff said.

(via Reddit)

I’ve said it many times before, but it always bears repeating: nature, you are terrifying. Excuse me while I go double check that my windows are still sealed.

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