Staggering lack of awareness? Check! Brad Woodhouse is a self-parody!/RBPundit/status/451555632567832576

Snort! Former DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse truly is beyond parody now. How does one parody a self-parody? Take a gander at a few of Woodhouse’s recent (and ridiculous) tweets:!/woodhouseb/status/451546487994847232

Stop it! Our sides can’t take much more! Certifiable Harry Reid’s frothing-at-the-mouth lunacy was hilarious enough.!/RINOPundit/status/451543179050090497

Now “Dark Money Fueling a Dark Agenda”; Gasping for breath!!/Matthops82/status/451555748716482560

Woodhouse wasn’t done. He upped the ludicrous ante with this idiocy:!/woodhouseb/status/451542445134979073

Um. What?!/RBPundit/status/451546925201104896

Come on, guys. Silly little rubes aren’t so fancy pants as to, you know, read a paper. It’s not like they can even read at all what with all that gun-toting and bitter clinging and such.!/CuffyMeh/status/451550247870029826

Snickering madly.

But, you see, Woodhouse and his ilk are totally Better Than You.!/sunnyright/status/451547771796221952

Ding, ding, ding!!/RBPundit/status/451545035990110208!/directorblue/status/451543711394979841!/czechov/status/451545609036496897

Hmm. Perhaps Woodhouse means these “regular folks”?!/SHannitysHair/status/451545652418588672!/LeftyBollocks/status/451543386349002752!/Joseph_Russo_/status/451542901382971392!/NoahWehrman/status/451543376173613056


This giver kindly nutshells it for Woodhouse:!/sunnyright/status/451550693456105472


And an exit question:!/JohnEkdahl/status/451544105152036864


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