‘Stop sending me emails’: People beg for end to campaign that never ends


The 2012 campaign proved that the Democrats and President Obama have a firm grasp on Internet outreach, not to mention an pretty hearty appetite for harvesting email addresses by any means necessary. Millions of Americans have chosen to continue their love affair with the 44th president into his second term, but more and more are wishing he were a little less clingy when it comes to email.


— Snoodie Fox(@ThaMegatron) January 25, 2013

The Obama campaign needs to stop sending emails you can only be president for 8 years what else do you want from me.

— Amy Rhodes (@iamamyrhodes) January 21, 2013

Dear Obama, I’ve unsubscribed from your emails a million times STOP. EMAILING. ME.

— Gabby. (@TheQueenOfDone) January 20, 2013

Obama stop sending me emails.

— Isabella (@TravelLikeLight) January 25, 2013

No reason for me to keep gettin these Obama emails

— Nev (@DevilMayCare__) January 25, 2013

All i really want is for the Obama emails to stop…

— Tashawn Jones (@igotchaopin) January 25, 2013

WHY am I still getting emails from Obama?! Unless we talking bout the Dream Act, then umm, enjoy your inauguration week bruh..

— N.M.C. (@NicknotNikki) January 25, 2013

after trying to unsubscribe from the obama emails 3 times & they still email me, I just figure its apart of him being president now 😐

— Tay. (@bluedimes) January 25, 2013

I wish I would stop getting emails from freakin Obama! Like I don’t care. #didntvoteforyou

— Courtney Taylor(@CourtLuvsTim) January 25, 2013

Confession: I save a lot of Obama’s emails. I’ll totally print them out when I’m old and put them in a scrapbook

— Erika Heidewald (@erikaheidewald) January 24, 2013

OK, maybe that one isn’t begging for the campaign to end.

Will I ever stop getting emails from Obama

— Ben Zwang (@BENFUCKINGZWANG) January 26, 2013

No. But you might want to clean out that inbox to make room for another special email buddy.

Biden goes for 16. I’ve received more emails from him in the last week, then in all the first term. whitehouse.gov/blog/2013/01/2…

— adihalak (@adihalak) January 21, 2013


Why am I still getting emails from Joe Biden with a donate button?

— Matt Karolian (@mkarolian) January 25, 2013

I love Joe Biden but it’s frustrating because he’s so much like my dad. Every time he emails me he’s asking for money! 🙁

— Dana Thompson (@velvetjones) January 25, 2013

Joe Biden need to stop sending me emails.

— Josef Hersey (@JrizzyJo) January 21, 2013

That awkward moment when Joe Biden emails you and you just don’t have enough to read it right now.

— Caroline Lewis (@caroliiinelewis) January 25, 2013

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