Surprise! 304 ‘unread’ ballots found in Allen West recount effort!/gbennettpost/status/269591549795500034

Twitchy reported earlier today on Rep. Allen West’s ongoing recount battle in Florida, and tonight brought the discovery of a box of 304 ballots that hadn’t been read.

Lawyer for Gertrude Walker says missing ballots believed to be in a box in the office.

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 17, 2012

At least 304 uncounted ballots appear in St. Lucie County.…

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 17, 2012

A point of distinction from a staffer: the ballots left in the office were never missing; they just weren’t read.

The 304 ballots were never “missing,” they just were “not read,” county elections staffer says.

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 17, 2012

@gbennettpost and that’s better?

— Alex Vogel (@43vogel) November 17, 2012

@gbennettpost Why were they never read?

— DR (@pollbuster) November 17, 2012

@gbennettpost are they counting the 304 ballots now?

— Re:Action (@reactionusa) November 17, 2012

An attorney for Patrick Murphy doesn’t appear to be contesting the counting of the “new” ballots.

Murphy attorney says there is no legal basis to recount or retabulate early votes except for the 304 new ballots that appeared tonight

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 17, 2012

The count of overseas ballots doesn’t appear to be making much of a difference, though every vote should count.

Ace reporter Christine Stapleton in Palm Beach Co says West gets 34 overseasvotes and Murphy gets 29 there. Net gain of 5 for West.

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 16, 2012

Unconfirmed word is West won overseas ballots 5-3 in Martin County and Murphy won them 20-11 in St. Lucie. Unconfirmed.

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 16, 2012

So it appears Murphy makes net gain of 2 votes from overseas ballots across the three counties. Hope to have hard numbers soon.

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 16, 2012

St. Lucie County is supposed to file the certified election results by noon on Sunday. Twitchy will continue to monitor the situation for further developments.


The Palm Beach Post’s George Bennett is reporting that all early votes in the West-Murphy race will be recounted, starting tomorrow morning.

St. Lucie canvass board decides to recount all early votes in West-Murphy race.

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 17, 2012

Recount begins 9 am Saturday

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 17, 2012

Bennett doesn’t offer much explanation into those 304 unread ballots; perhaps in tomorrow’s paper? Color us interested.

Canvass board chairman is explaining the 304 mystery ballots in St. Lucie County

— George Bennett (@gbennettpost) November 17, 2012

@gbennettpost Can’t wait to hear this one.

— Boudicca OnTheRight (@BoudiccaOTR) November 17, 2012

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