The art of making a woman mad!/CRISCORRAL503/status/186167172454813696

So, what is the best way to make a female mad? Well, Twitter has some thoughts. Although some men gave their opinions about how it is best accomplished, you should probably pay more attention to what women say.

Liability clause:  Try any method of making a woman angry at your own risk. Twitchy is not responsible for any outbursts, ranting, violence, or anger of any kind.

#HowToPissAFemaleOff Burn down her house

— Digeratii (Archive) (@Digeratii) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff ask her how much she paid for "her hair"

— ((Anthony Tucker)) (@NoHumanAllowed_) March 31, 2012!/themariadilemma/status/186165318736031744

#HowToPissAFemaleOff Compare her to your ex

— Roneil Williams (@_RudeBwoy) March 31, 2012!/alexiachristo/status/186167672625565696!/liveLOWKEY/status/186165851572027392

#HowToPissAFemaleOff ignore her 8th email -__-

— ♠ •Cy• ♠ (@Cy13_) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff when she is done talking say "what did you say?"

— Lola Reeves (@Dlowramirez) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff Tell her that her cooking is bad.

— Malik Ghosty (@Malik_Six0) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff Do absolutely nothing.

— slick (@Be_Cool_Fool) March 31, 2012

#HowToPissAFemaleOff is by being a male… Anything we do is wrong. #Truth

— Hunter Winborne ® (@ThisIsHW_9) March 31, 2012

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