The feud continues: Chris Brown creates track dissing Drake!/btvs23/status/219169971299823616

In a feud that will seemingly never end, rapper Chris Brown has now created a track that “disses” fellow rapper Drake.

So, Chris Brown dissed Drake with I Don't Like. Damn celebrities don't know how to act.

— _ (@niggerishnikki_) June 30, 2012

Shut up about chris brown and drake damn .

— CeeDaddy❤️ (@OGeeD_) June 30, 2012

The latest move by Brown has drawn mixed reactions.

Chris Brown tried to diss Drake and sounded like a straight up dumbass

— Reese Davis (@reesesponsible) June 30, 2012

Damn. Chris Brown. went in. *sits back & waits for Drake to respond*

— Ivette (@_ivettexo) June 30, 2012

– chris brown dissed drake , lmfao chris brown need to grow up .

— arehsA.➰ (@Nonchalantblac_) June 30, 2012

Chris Brown couldn't say anything about drake all he said was 1. You threw a bottle 2.Eyebrows 3.yolo lmao #imdone !

— T.Lee (@Tiannaaaalee) June 30, 2012

LOOOOOOOOOL! Chris Brown is NOT a thug. sure tried sounding like one on this I Don't Like remix coming at Drake.

— 医薬品·ミュージック (@drugsmuzik) June 30, 2012

Nobody seems to know when this will end, but some have their wishes.

OTC if the Drake and Chris Brown fight was on PPV it would make more money than the Super Bowl.

— Keaton Perry (@PERRYlized_KP7) June 30, 2012

Chris Brown and Drake need to quit the bullshit and have a sing off

— Eric Jiwanmall (@Panic_Pak) June 30, 2012

I like Drake and Chris Brown..buuuut I got money on Chris Brown if things got real.

— Kayla B. (@Kayla_Brown21) June 30, 2012

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