The latest photo from the White House is so reassuring [pic]

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And, here’s the latest such tweet:

President Obama talks on the phone with @HHSGov Secretary Burwell concerning the latest update on #Ebola.

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) October 12, 2014

Reading the White House’s feed, one would think President Obama is losing massive amounts of sleep worrying about the Ebola threat.


— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 12, 2014

@WhiteHouse @HHSGov #propaganda

— Robert Burris (@RobertBurris09) October 12, 2014

But what, in reality, is he doing now? Oh yeah…

#phoningitin MT @WhiteHouse Obama talks on phone w/@HHSGov Secretary Burwell concerning latest update on #Ebola.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 12, 2014

@WhiteHouse @HHSGov Why are the chairs on each side of his desk instead of in front of his desk like a normal office? Photo op conspiracy.

— Jonny Riggs (@JonnyRiggs) October 12, 2014

@WhiteHouse @HHSGov Oh wow, this planned photo op makes me feel so much confident something is being done! Thank you for the visual.

— Jonathan Langdale (@jlangdale) October 12, 2014

.@WhiteHouse @HHSGov Instagram presidency.

— Terry Pegula's BFF (@AnthonyBialy) October 12, 2014

Optics. Optics. Optics.


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