The murderous Assad regime has an unexpected accomplice!/ClaireBerlinski/status/221956653262700546

With over 15,000 of Syria’s own citizens murdered at the hands of Bashar al-Assad, this news is just breath-taking. So, who is helping the murderous dictator?

That is a very reasonable guess, given the U.N.’s long record of failures, but try again. Think “PR firms.”

Brown Lloyd James, according to its website, “is managed by an elite group of distinguished former news executives, top-level White House and Downing Street political advisors, high-profile entertainment industry executives and experts in international affairs. Our staff have been at the right hand of presidents, prime ministers, media barons – and yes, even The Beatles.”

Among their areas of expertise is “reputation management.” As their promotional material helpfully explains, “Things happen in the course of global events that can quickly change your public image. A positive reputation and image are powerful strategic tools and effective insurance policies should something go wrong. Brown Lloyd James has the skills and experience to manage and control fast-moving and potentially volatile situations.”

Yes, yes it is. That brings up the inevitable question.

How do these people live with themselves? RT @ClaireBerlinski Guess Who's Helping Assad Get Away With Murder? #Syria

— Robyn Eckhardt (@EatingAsia) July 8, 2012

@EatingAsia That's exactly what I've been asking myself since I saw that.

— Claire Berlinski (@ClaireBerlinski) July 8, 2012

It seems like it might be bad for the reputation of a firm specializing in “reputation management” to be associated with advising a murderous thug.

Syria: Bashar al-Assad could be regarded as a war criminal, says Hillary Clinton via @Telegraph

— Tarek El Shenawy (@tshenawy) July 8, 2012

It is also incomprehensible.


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