The Thomas Children Lost Everything, But You Can Help Them. Just Look At This.


The Thomas kids of Edmond, OK, had two wonderful parents and everything was going fine–until tragedy struck not once, but twice. 

Bella (12), Lily (10) and Lennox (7) lost their mom, Jill, to cancer in July. Two years ago, doctors found cancerous tissue in Jill’s head and neck. She underwent a 17-hour surgery that resulted in most of her tongue being removed, as well as serious facial scarring. She had to re-learn how to eat and talk and for a little while, she was cancer-free, and was able to resume life with her family. 

But six months later, more cancer was found in her lungs and, despite her fighting spirit, Jill passed away on July 30, 2014. She was 37. 

Her husband and father to the children, Stephen, had quit his job to become the full-time caretaker of Jill in her last months. During their mother’s illness and after her passing, he naturally became their anchor as he did his best to provide them with a normal, stable life. 

But their anchor was taken away from them, too. On October 8, only 10 weeks after Jill’s passing, Stpehen suffered a massive, fatal heart attack, leaving his children without either parent. He was 42. 

Now, Bella, Lily and Lennox are being cared for by extended family, but everyone struggling to put their lives back together as well as to find a way to cover the costs of Jill’s medical bills. Their extended family is doing their best to provide the children with a stable, loving home, but they could use your help to make sure Bella, Lily and Lennox have a bright future. 

You can check out the family’s GoFundMe page if you’d like to make a donation. 

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