These 22 Things Might Be Simple… But They’re Just Wrong. So, So Wrong.

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There are things in this world that are so annoying, they make people feel like they are listening to nails being slowly dragged across a chalkboard. Even if you don’t have some OCD tendencies and you’re not that picky, these images might give you the chills. Angry, angry chills. (If they get to you, don’t blame us.) Get ready to be infuriated, these people completely disrespected the world around them. How could they do that to a piece of pizza?!

1.) That poor, innocent pizza…

2.) This just hurts.

3.) Whoever did this is a maniac.

4.) At first I didn’t understand what was wrong here. Then it killed me.

5.) Torture. This is torture.

6.) How could anyone feel good about doing this?

7.) Some people just like to watch the world burn.

8.) Ahhh! STAHP!

9.) I can’t understand this level of insanity.

10.) Uh, no.

11.) It’s just WRONG.

12.) You just ruined my childhood.

13.) It’s even called string cheese…

14.) This is the worst.

15.) Why would you even put a straw in this cruel joke?

16.) Why would you drink LIES like this???

17.) Rebels don’t listen to instructions.

18.) How DARE you?

19.) Oh. Oh, that’s rough stuff.

20.) The contractor here must have been a sadist.

21.) Dessert is ruined for me now.

22.) This is making me sick.

(H/T BuzzFeed) These rebels don’t listen to rules. In fact, they live to break them. If the people responsible for these pictures ruled the world, there would be nothing but chaos and pain. It all starts with not using a juice box the correct way… Share these mildly (to extremely) infuriating photos. The people responsible for them need to be stopped.

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