These 37 Logos Are So Insanely Clever… And You’ve Never Even Noticed. #4 Is So Cool.

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Advertisements are apart of our daily lives. We see it everywhere. On TV, the ride into work, even on the clothes we wear. Think about all the times you put on a shirt from some big designer, with a subtle brand logo on the shirt. Or when you put on a pair of heels with a red bottom. Advertisement, especially logos, is everywhere. And that’s why we take them for granted. Because many are ingeniously designed, yet we never realize it.  Or appreciate just how clever they are. Well now’s your chance, check them out…

1. Curious.

2. Horror Films.

3. Chair.

4. Apple

5. Fish Food.

6. TUI.

7. Sun Microsystems: Note all those U-shaped elements!

8. Organ Donation.

9. BarCode.

10. Scope.

11. Freshweb

12. Twins.

13. Killed Productions.

14. Inequality Records.

15. Me.

16. VAIO Computers.

17. Fork & Knife.

18. Ecobox.

19. SeeSaw.

20. The Guild of Food Writers.

21. Education First.

22. Word Refuge.

23. Magic Coffee.

24. Freedom to Travel

25. Boundary.

26. Pencil.

27. The Waterfront.

28. The Bronx Zoo.

29. Bearhanded.

30. AntFarm

31. Toyota = Mind Blown.

32. AVID.

33. Giraffe.

34. FedEx. Ever notice that arrow?

35. Pregg

36. Eight.

37. CodeFish.

Well those are super cool. Time to evaluate and analyze every logo I ever see from now on.

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