These 8 Awful Discoveries Will Make You Want To Stay Far, Far Away From The Deep Web

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By now, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard about the “deep” or “dark” web.

Invisible to standard search engines like Google, it can only be accessed with specific software designed to allow the user to communicate anonymously, and for good reason. Since becoming more well known in the past few years, this hidden corner of the internet has been the inspiration for countless creepy tales about illegal drug and weapon sales, human trafficking, child pornography, and even snuff films found on its many sites. What’s worse is that not all of these stories are fiction.

From cannibal cooking guides to horrific child abuse caught on film, here are eight horrifying deep-web finds that’ll keep you up at night.

1. One person had the misfortune of finding “How to Cook a Woman,” which is a detailed guide for cannibals on the best ways to chop up women and cook their flesh.

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2. “No Love Deep Web” was a scavenger hunt marketed as an augmented reality game to promote the Death Grips’ new album of the same name. As part of the hunt, one participant had to answer a payphone in another city. All they heard was heavy breathing on the other end.

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