These Beautiful Works Of Art Could Destroy You If You Like Them Too Much. For Real.

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You might not know it, but your favorite beer, wine, spirit, cocktail or mixer is a truly magnificent sight to behold.

Thanks to the good people at BevShots the next time you spill your drink and someone tells you that you’ve had a bit too much, then kindly inform them that you’re making beautiful art. That’s what the company known as BevShots does at least, they photograph all types of drinks under a microscope and sell it as art.

Their images are made by crystallizing any drink of choice on a microscope slide, then using a standard light microscope with a camera attached, the light source is polarized and passed through the crystal. This creates this magnificently eye-catching rainbow of colors that you can see below.


White Wine

White Russian

Vodka Tonic


Scotch Whisky


Rum and Cola

Red Wine

Pina Colada

Mint Julep

Mexican Lager


Jamaican Lager

Irish Stout


English Oatmeal Stout

Dirty Martini

Cosmopolitan Martini



Bloody Mary

American Draft Beer

American Pale Ale

Bourbon Whiskey


Orange Juice


Iced Tea

Fruit Punch

Make sure to check out BevShots’ website for more info and pictures. They also sell these images as prints. Or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy then they have all types of other merchandise available; from bar accessories such as hip flasks and coasters to fashion accessories such as neckties and pocket squares, meaning you can (almost literally) say you’re wearing what you drink.

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