These Futuristic Weapons Are So Deadly, You’d Never Stand A Chance.

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As the decades pass, things change. Technological advances have shaped the world around us in countless ways. Not only are our personal lives changed by technology, but society is too. An unfortunate truth that we must face is that warfare has changed, too.

Weapons have been developed that should scare you right out of your pants. With weapons like this, there’s about a negative 1,000% chance we’d ever want to go to war. From lasers that can shoot down planes to micro-bugs carrying small explosives, who could possibly survive it?

(Source: Piximus)

If war is the driver of innovation, then we hope at least something good comes from developing all of these weapons of doom. If they’re used on us, we don’t stand a chance.

If you’re just as scared of these as we are, share with your friends below. Maybe they can help calm us down, too…

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