They Found A Secret Trapdoor In Their House – What Was Inside Is All Kinds Of Cool

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When moving into a new house, Imgur user CzarMatt and his wife didn’t expect to stumble upon a mind-blowing secret hidden in one of their new home’s closets.

While moving all their stuff into their new house, Matt stacked some boxes into an empty closet, not paying much attention to the floor.

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While Matt was pretty oblivious to the secret hiding under the cardboard boxes, his wife noticed a panel in the floor and said to him, “Did you know we had a trapdoor?”

Super curious, they quickly moved the boxes out of the way and Matt tried the handle…hoping not to find any dead bodies below.

The trapdoor opened easy but it looked like there was nothing but dust to be found down there.

But wait…what’s that hiding in the corner?!

A box!

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This intricate little box was sitting on plastic sheeting.

They tried to open it only to realize it was locked tight. Not having any idea how old and delicate it was they decided not to force it open and risk ruining the box itself.

It was surprisingly heavy.

Since the keyhole appeared to be intact, Matt decided to leave the box and call up a locksmith friend for help.

Here’s a close-up of the keyhole.

After finding out his locksmith friend wasn’t coming to explore the unopened box, overly curious Matt decided he had to try to force it open and see what was hiding inside. He grabbed his tools and got to work!

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Using a screwdriver and a hammer, Matt got the box open in no time at all.

Oh wow! It was a little treasure chest!

What excited Matt and his wife the most was when they found a tiny box within the bigger one.

This probably explains why the thing was so heavy…

Here’s a close-up of some of the coins, including a British 50 pence coin.

Some of the coins appeared to be very old, and on closer inspection…

…they saw that yes, they were old! This one was over 130 years old!

This one cent coin was incredibly from 1859.

Most of the coins were American, but there were some from all corners of the world.

While looking through the coins, Matt’s wife spotted something else…

It was this awesome retro Silver Surfer card in a protective case.

While the coins and card were cool, there was something else in there…

…that other tiny box!

What’s that? Seems like this box had been outfitted with some serious tiny-lock technology.

Luckily, Matt’s wife found the key among all the coins…

Tiny mystery boxeth unlocketh!

Those better not be tiny body bags…

Nope! Just protective bags for all that bling!

What a beautiful old collection of pocket watches, chains, and a ring.

It looked like two of the three watches were still functioning.

This ring with the old Girl Scout logo was also in the tiny box.

While Matt and his wife were super giddy over their amazing little treasure find, their dog couldn’t have cared less.

You don’t see that every day. A mystery box that actually had cool things in it!

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