This Autistic Boy Waits On The Garbage Man Every Day. You Have to See What He Just Did.

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Last week, an advocacy group for individuals with autism, Autism Speaks, posted the most wonderful video. A 5 year-old boy with autism named Daniel absolutely loves garbage trucks. Watching the trash collectors from EJ Harrison & Sons come by is one of his favorite things to do. So when one kind-hearted trash collector decided to stop and give Daniel a surprise, the little boy lit up like a Christmas tree. (Video is at the bottom of the page)

Daniel used to fear the trash collectors, but with some coaxing from his parents, he grew to love them.

The little boy will now wait all week for the Monday morning trash pickup.

His favorite driver is Manuel, a generous employee who always has a smile and a kind word for Daniel.

It made Daniel so happy when Manuel stopped one special Monday morning…

When Robin Newberger posted the video of her son to Facebook, she wrote the following: “One man, one moment, touching the life of an autistic child. Our hearts are overflowing. There are already many who have watched this video who don’t know us. Our son, Daniel, is 5. He has autism. What started out as a fear has turned into a fascination. I showed him a YouTube video of a garbage truck a couple of years ago and he’s been obsessed ever since. Like many children on the autism spectrum, this has become a ritual for him. He loves the predictable movement of the hoist and is excited by the entire spectacle. He waits all week for Monday morning pickup. He knows exactly which cans are being picked up each week, and Sundays are special for him when he takes the cans out with his dad. Our recycle man, known only to us as Manuel, is his favorite. He always has a big smile for Daniel, who is faithfully waiting for him every Monday. To him, trash pickup is like a symphony. He synchronizes his hand movements with the truck. We have so many ‘Trash Day’ videos, but this one is like no other.” Watch the video below. Your heart will melt when you see what this kind trash collector did for a boy with autism.

Manuel brought Daniel a model garbage truck, one of his most favorite things in the world. Not only does he show true generosity and kindness, but the family receiving the gift is sweet enough to make a real connection to their trash collector. We hope that Manuel’s employers see what kind of wonderful person they are employing! Source: Autism Speaks Share this heartwarming story with others. More people need to be inspired to be this kind!

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