This Bear Does The Unthinkable And Pulls A Drowning Crow Out Of Water.

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You wouldn’t think bears would be too friendly with other animals. In fact, as omnivores, they would either see them as prey or an enemy. However, a crow found an unlikely savior in Vali, a female grizzly bear at Budapest Zoo. The bear spotted the little bird in her enclosure. It was in deep trouble, so she approached it… but not to eat it.

The bear saw the bird flapping around in the water. So, the grizzly dragged it out of the water by its wings and to safety, much to the amazement of the zoo visitors who didn’t know what to make of the Baywatch scene unfolding in front of them.

Safely on land, the crow appears to be stunned by the unexpected actions of Vali, who rewards herself by chomping down on a tasty apple.

(Source: Aleksander Medves)

That crow can count itself very lucky to have been saved from such a grisly end…by a grizzly!

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