This Brewery Is Making Waves For Something That Has Nothing To Do With Beer

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According to one study conducted by Plymouth University researchers, 80 percent of marine animals that become entangled in plastic debris are either injured or killed.

The two main culprits are plastic shopping bags and six-pack rings. “An estimated one million sea birds and 100,000 sea mammals and turtles become entrapped in plastic or ingest it and die,” marine biologist Mark Tolkulka explained to representatives from Saltwater Brewery. And that’s in just one year.

For that reason, the beer-loving innovators behind this brand decided to make a change.

By making their six-pack rings out of wheat and barley from the brewing process, they produce packaging that doubles as food for marine animals. These rings are biodegradable and they’re strong enough to get the job done.

Potential consumers can’t get enough. According to one, “Big guys should learn from this small brewery.” And he’s absolutely right.

To learn more about Saltwater Brewery’s mission and methods, be sure to check out their website. To watch them set their plans in motion, follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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