This Guy Loves Your Old, Ruined Photographs So Much He Made A Book About It.

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Remember back, way back, when we had to rely on our drugstore or supermarket photo clerks to process our film before knowing whether we took a decent snapshot? It feels like a lifetime ago, but you can probably easily remember the infuriating frustration of flipping through the stack of glossy photo after photo only to discover the memory ruined by an accidental obstruction.

Now we can just delete it, re-take and move on with our lives. But back then we just had to stew in our photographic fumbles. And that’s exactly what the creative minds over at Kesselskramer are highlighting in their most recent volume of their project In Almost Every Picture, a series which looks at trends in candid photography.

This time they focus on our often stray digits with Attack of the Giant Fingers. It’s probably still our most common blunder while attempting to take a picture, and designer and editor Erick Kessels combed through old albums from flea markets and online to create the book’s ode to the photo fails. In his words, “Digits loom massive; mysterious blurs like a ghost or UFO drifting into shot.”

Take a look.

This could have been so cute.

Oh hey, my finger apparently had a nice summer.

Okay, this one’s all kinds of bad.

I think she knew the finger was covering the lens.

(via It’s Nice That.)

You can find out more about the project, peep other series and order your own copy of the book on their website.

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