This Guy’s Marriage Proposal Literally Almost Killed His Girlfriend. You Gotta See This.

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More often than not, a proposal of marriage is a complete surprise to one of the people in the relationship. However, when Anthony Taylor and Stephanie Walker got engaged, Anthony took the surprise aspect a little far. The couple were on vacation in Turkey when he popped the question. Her reaction was … extreme.

The couple were scuba diving off of the coast of Turkey when Anthony decided to pop the question.

They were staying at the beautiful resort of Marmaris.

When he asked her to marry him, they were 40ft underwater.

She actually gasped, filling her mask with water.

The instructors leapt to her rescue, stopping her from drowning.

Once the instructors ensured Stephanie was safe, she was able to respond to Anthony’s proposal with a “YES!” Then, they were taken back to shore where loved ones were waiting to wish them well. It truly was a dream proposal… aside from the whole “almost drowning” thing. Source: Share the love by sharing this article.

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