This House Is For Sale In Australia And The Listing Is Hiding A Creepy Secret

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Who wouldn’t want to live in Australia if they had the chance? It’s a wonderful nation filled with cool people and its fair share of stunning nature. Sure, there are giant bugs and snakes that try to kill people at every turn, but that’s beside the point.

Besides, this particular Australian terror is scarier than any serpent. What’s going on with this house that’s for sale is so bizarre.

This brick house in the city of Adelaide, Australia, can be yours for just for $349,950 AUD ($263,500 USD). Not too shabby, right?

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From the outside, it looks like your average house — cozy and not too fancy.

The grout could use a cleaning, but otherwise, it’s perfectly lovely.

That is, at least, until you check out the living room.

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What in the actual hell is going on here?

Have you nailed down the motif of this home yet?

It’s in here, too. See it?

Still having trouble?

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It’s cats! The entire damn house is wallpapered in cat photos.

This is just borderline obsessive.

If this is the side of the house they’re showing off, just imagine what they’re hiding.

(via BuzzFeed)

If all of that creepy cat love didn’t scare you away, you can learn more about your future dream home by checking out the listing here.

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