This Looked Like The Grossest Christmas Present Ever. It Turned Out Beautiful.

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For Christmas, this girl received a package from her boyfriend that she never expected. When she unwrapped the present, she didn’t understand what she was seeing. The confusion quickly wore off, though, when she realized what she was supposed to do with this seemingly disgusting present.

Sarah opened her gift and saw… a big bag of freshly sealed oysters.

Then, she realized they weren’t for eating.

She began to shuck the oysters, a slow process.

(Also a pretty gross process.)

Once open, however, the oysters revealed their own gifts: pearls.

In all different colors!

At the end of it all, she ended up with about 54 pearls in 5 different colors.

And that’s why you never judge a book by its cover…


You may think something is just a stinky bag of oysters, but it’s actually beautiful pearls. Share this article if you would like getting a gift like this!

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