This Man Moved a Mountain for The People He loved

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Dasrath Manjhi is a farmer from India. His wife fell ill one day and ultimately died because the hospital was too far away. Why? Because there was an enormous mountain between his village and the hospital.

So he spent the next 22 years of his life digging through the mountain… literally “moving mountains” for the rest of the village so that no one would face the same fate as his wife.

Dashrath Manjhi spent two decades chipping away at a mountain, just to make a road for his village.

The government refused to help, so Dashrath took it upon himself to make the road for his village.

Before succumbing to cancer, he transformed a one-foot-wide passage into a 360 ft-long, 30 ft-wide road accessible by bicycle and motorcycle.

After he finally finished this amazing undertaking, he lost his life to cancer. The lives of the people in his village will NEVER be the same. He cut the trip to the hospital down from 43 miles to 1 mile.


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