This Mom Killed Her Son And Sent His Father A Video — Because They Were Fighting

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When 21-year-old Christian Clark suspected that her boyfriend, Andre Price Jr., was cheating on her, she did the unthinkable.

On Tuesday, November 1, Price went to a friend’s house. Later that night, Clark began texting and accusing him of seeing other women. Her messages quickly turned into threats against their own young children when 23-year-old Price made it clear that he wasn’t coming back to their shared home in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

Shortly after, Clark sent an incredibly disturbing video, in which their son and daughter were lying facedown.

The video showed that 17-month-old Andre Price III was completely unresponsive.

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Clark was charged with homicide and attempted homicide on Wednesday, November 2. Price also faces two felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child because he never called police to tell them his children were in danger.

(via 6abc Action News)

No children should ever become the casualties of their parents’ dysfunctional relationship. I really hope their poor daughter is placed into a much safer and more loving home.

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