This Woman Is So Dedicated To Her Love, She Does This Every Day On Her Commute.

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Many women have been dreaming of their big day as a bride from the moment they learn to crawl. (It’s practice for walking down the aisle, per my wife). So, it’s no wonder the extent they’ll go to make that dream a reality. I just never thought someone could be quite this dedicated to having their perfect wedding dress. 

This woman spends every day working on her perfect dress… on her commute.

On this woman’s way to and from work everyday, she decided to create her very own wedding dress. Going completely free form (without a guide/pattern), she worked tirelessly to create the ultimate dress for her ultimate day.

The result was a dress that in her words is a “tube that flares out at the bottom and a top attached to the tube.” The materials only cost her $30.

All we know is that it, and more importantly, she, looked amazing come her special day.

Check out her time elapsed wedding dress video, it’s amazing!


(via Elite Daily)

Originally posting her work on Reddit, she’s since stated in the comments that she was so happy with the result that she plans to reline the dress in order to be able to re-wear it in the future.

So, not only is she saving thousands of dollars by making her own dress, but she’s going to be able to wear it more than once! Her husband is a lucky guy.

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