Top 10 ways to tell people they’re ugly!/marcusbowers/status/198151354643005443

#WaysToTellPplTheyreUgly "Here, you can take the group photo"

— (@J4kespeare) May 3, 2012

#WaysToTellPplTheyreUgly Crop them out of your facebook profile picture.

— Jebe (@jordfrance) May 3, 2012

#WaysToTellPplTheyreUgly "You look like Chris Bosh"

— Top Tweets ♕ (@HumorOrTruth) May 3, 2012

#WaysToTellPplTheyreUgly If we were all Disney characters, you would be that creepy ass old lady from Snow White

— Anderson (@AndersonWBranch) May 3, 2012!/prettynikolee/status/198162902862143488

#WaysToTellPplTheyreUgly You got the body of a god….. too bad its Buddha

— Jesus Christ (@MrJChrist) May 3, 2012

#WaysToTellPplTheyreUgly you are beautiful… On the inside.

— Busty Westbrook (@Cater2Liz) May 3, 2012

#WaysToTellPplTheyreUgly "I seen you on Animal Planet"

— Section8Billionaire (@Im_An_Immigrant) May 3, 2012!/laurenofthesea/status/198151870349455360

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