Top 15 stupid things people do!/Mr_iKeepitreal/status/204572144523427842

Ever since the creation of mankind there have been stupid people who do stupid things. Today Twitter and Twitchy come together to honor those stupid people by collecting the 15 best #StupidThingsPeopleDo tweets.!/4_l_e_x/status/204576006579814400


— Y U No ?? (@Y__U__NO) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo get someones name tatted on them.

— Top Tweets ♕ (@HumorOrTruth) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo Text you and say: "Call me"

— iBlackguy (@iBlackguy) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo Judge people before getting to know them.

— Josh Cruz (@joshhcruz) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo Make assumptions with no facts!

— Mike Sincere (@DJMIKESINCERE) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo Copy tweets from other people instead of just retweeting them.

— Kool (@PSMihnovets) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo drugs.

— College Student (@CollegeStudenx) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo hashtag on Facebook and BBM

— mason ✋ (@_masonlambert) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo follow unfollow follow unfollow follow unfollow follow unfollow follow unfollow follow unfollow.

— mr (@AsheeqRazak) May 21, 2012!/jillian_duffy/status/204596867760263168

#StupidThingsPeopleDo Look at the fridge for 2 minutes, nothing in it, look in all cupboards then back to the fridge, still nothing there…

— Paddy Brennan (@PaddyBrennan7) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo … Texting while driving!

— Console&Hollawell (@ConsoleatLaw) May 21, 2012

#StupidThingsPeopleDo Ask someone if there alright when they're crying

— follow @Tweddelll (@Htweddell) May 21, 2012

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