Tortured Bait Dog is Rescued From Life of Misery

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Eldad Hagar, dog rescuer extraordinaire, found a badly hurt pit bull in an Los Angeles alley. He followed her until she collapsed from exhaustion. Her face was badly torn, she had injuries all over her body. It was obvious she was being tortured for months. So he saved her.

Cadence was found in an alley, badly hurt and collapsed from exhaustion.

She was used as a bait dog; tortured and attacked by other animals in dog fighting rings.

She was taken immediately to the vet to address her numerous injuries.

Soon after healing from her surgery, she experienced (and accepted) something amazing: the love of another dog.

A recently rescued pit bull licked her wounds and she accepted the touch of another animal, thankful to be loved at last.

She experienced many firsts after being rescued… even wearing adorable outfits.

Next, Cadence needed to have her eyes fixed. They were in such a condition where she might lose her sight if she didn’t receive surgery.

Although most dogs wear this cone with shame, Cadence was joyful to be loved and have her eyes fixed.

She even gave out as many kisses as she could.

Soon, the vet cleared her: her eyes were as good as new.

While living at her foster family’s house, she learned many new things, like how to swim…

And how to be loved.

The transformation she experienced is unlike any we have ever seen.

Now, Cadence can live the life she was meant to life. She will be full of happiness and joy, sharing love with everyone she meets and not violence. Source

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