Unconvinced: White House GIF counters claim that Obamacare costs jobs


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called for his colleagues to defund Obamacare in a floor speech today, citing the fear that businesses will cut employees’ hours rather than face the crushing expense of implementing the mandates of the Affordable Care Act. The White House was quick to respond, issuing a graphic to assure followers that restaurant employees are working more hours. At least, there’s no evidence to prove that they’re working fewer hours — yet.



The real question: did the person who posted the graphic not know it wasn’t actually a GIF, or is it a clever trick to entire readers to stare at it waiting for the animation to kick in and convince them of Obamcare’s awesomeness once and for all? Here’s the animated version.

That’s nice, but most of those anecdotes about restaurants cutting hours were from CEOs planning to cut hours if and when Obamacare kicks in. And with the employer mandate now delayed a full year, the actual effect on employment is pushed back as well.





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