Walmart tries to stamp out Black Friday stabbing hoax


Once again, a story from The Daily Currant — “an English language online satirical newspaper”— has been mistaken for reality. This time, it was the fictional story of a multiple stabbing at a Chicago Walmart that seemed just crazy enough to be true, and which spread far enough to compel Walmart to issue a tweet correcting the record.!/KasieShotts/status/407365832876900352!/hopper_whitney/status/407231791775248384!/cheriejohnson75/status/407376175091036160!/oliviabernardi/status/408007510428491776!/JamiCat34/status/407967474953764864!/rrabster/status/407933653113532416

The rumor really is spreading.!/Kingdevv/status/407991368691101696

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