War on Women: Kirsten Powers calls out Media Matters commenters for sexism


Online comment sections can be cesspools, whether Left or Right. But on Thursday, Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers exposed the demeaning War on Women that’s coming from the self-appointed civility cops at left-wing Media Matters.

While defending President Obama and Planned Parenthood against Fox News’ “smears,” MMFA commenters spewed their typical foul-mouthed venom at Powers, Monica Crowley and Megyn Kelly, calling them “despicable whores” and other oh-so-enlightened slurs.

How’s this for tolerance?

From @mmfa comments: screeching harridan Monica Crowley was about to put her two cents worth in…#waronwomen mediamatters.org/blog/2013/04/2…

— Kirsten Powers (@kirstenpowers10) April 25, 2013

From @mmfa comments on a syndicated radio host:”She’s an easily, cheaply purchased prostitute.”mediamatters.org/blog/2013/04/2…

— Kirsten Powers (@kirstenpowers10) April 25, 2013

From @mmfa comments:”Kelley is the most despicable whore among a cast of despicable whores on the Fox Lies news.” #waronwomen

— Kirsten Powers (@kirstenpowers10) April 25, 2013

More from @mmfa comments:”something tells me the three banshees on camera… visited a ppclinic once or twice during their sorority days.”

— Kirsten Powers (@kirstenpowers10) April 25, 2013

That was from one page of @mmfa comments: first page on a post abt three women (Megyn, Monica & me) Didn’t have to sift to find those.

— Kirsten Powers (@kirstenpowers10) April 25, 2013

Powers didn’t have to sift because revolting misogyny accompanies nearly every Media Matters post about women who don’t toe the progressive line. Refuse to walk in lockstep with the Left? The answer is always weaponized misogyny.

@kirstenpowers10 @mmfa Thanks Kirsten 4 pointing out the hypocrisy of the left, nothing 2 see here folks. Rock on Megyn, Monica and Kirsten!

— SuzieQPoi (@SuzieQPoi) April 25, 2013

@kirstenpowers10 they dont even try to hide their hypocrisy because they have no accountability. @mmfa is pretty pathetic. #waronwomen

— Matt (@rogue_american) April 25, 2013

@kirstenpowers10 @mmfa wow liberal hypocrisy at it best #shameful

— GraceflLady (@GraceflLady) April 25, 2013

.@kirstenpowers10 @mmfa You can just feel the love of all those open, tolerant, leftist minds! #obvious #hypocrisy

— Phileosophos (@Phileosophos) April 25, 2013

Big kudos to @kirstenpowers10 for exposing lib hypocrites. Its one thing to have lib values, and another to demonize and hate others.

— שרה חנה בת שרה (@ChabadGirl) April 25, 2013

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