What Just Happened To This Couple Of 67 Years Seems Impossible. But It’s Not… Wow.

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95 year-old Olympia DeNittis and 94 year-old Michael DeNittis were married for 67 blissful years. They grew up near each other and were childhood sweethearts, so a life of happiness together just made sense. Since they basically spent their entire lives together, it’s no surprise how they left this world: together.

Neither of them knew it, but Michael and Olympia died on the same day within hours of each other.

AnnMarie McDonald

When Olympia died at JFK Medical Center’s Haven Hospice in Edison, her family decided not to tell Michael, who was battling cancer at a different hospital.

AnnMarie McDonald

They didn’t tell Michael because he was still in the hospital and there was a chance he would make it home, they wanted him to have strength.

AnnMarie McDonald

But he seemed to sense that Olympia had passed. Within 32 hours of her passing on, Michael did as well. It seems that neither of them wanted to spend any time, in this life or the next, without each other. They are still together. Source: Reddit Their romance is unbelievable. Share it with those you love!

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