White House now using YouTube to not exploit kids in gun grab


As Twitchy reported earlier, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie today drove an even deeper wedge between himself and conservative groups by calling the NRA’s recent web video “reprehensible.” That video has been targeted by critics on the Left as well as the Right for, without mentioning them by name, bringing the president’s daughters into the fight over Second Amendment rights by pointing out that they are protected by men with guns.

“To use that somehow to try to make a political point I think is reprehensible” – Christie on the NRA’s ad w/ Obama’s daughters.

— Arianna Huffington (@ariannahuff) January 18, 2013

It’s handy that Ariana Huffington provided the context of the governor’s remark in her tweet, or we might have thought he was talking about one of four new videos posted to the official White House YouTube channel featuring the same children who shared the stage with the president at his announcement of  23 new executive actions Wednesday. Here, for one, is Julia, 11, saying to the president, “I beg you very hard to make guns not allowed.”

“There are no words to explain how sad I am about the school shooting” -Julia, 11, reads her letter to President Obama: youtu.be/HvPSfeicWXQ

— The White House (@whitehouse) January 17, 2013

How can you argue with that logic? Do you hate children? Oh, and no rush, but #NowIsTheTime.

The kids’ letters are awfully brief, so the White House has padded out the videos with comments from President Obama taken from Wednesday’s event.

Exploiting kids for political [email protected]whitehouse: Grant reads the letter he wrote to President Obama after Newtown #nowisthetime

— Peter Korman (@pjkorman) January 18, 2013

It’s not really exploiting the kids, is it, because they’re just regular kids and therefore not as important as Obama’s children. Let’s just agree their value is somewhere below Obama’s kids but well above yours.

Cynical and shameful political opportunism. @whitehouse: Grant reads the letter he wrote to President Obama after Newtown: #nowisthetime

— Peter Korman (@pjkorman) January 18, 2013

They really seem to believe that using Obama’s kids is off limits, but perfectly fine to use everyone else’s.

— AG (@AG_Conservative) January 18, 2013

@ag_conservative I’m old enough to remember when the media freaked out when one of the Bush twins was at a bar in Austin.

— Miké (@ThePantau) January 18, 2013

Also, who the hell legislates based on what little kids want anyways? They can’t feed themselves, but they can make our laws?

— AG (@AG_Conservative) January 18, 2013

Who said American adults can feed themselves, wingnut?

Conservatives on Twitter were asking earlier when #ConservativeKidLetters would receive a similar spotlight. While we await that turn of events, here’s a thought to ponder.

What if some kids read aloud from their letters asking to make the @whitehouse a gun-free zone and keep @barackobama and his children safe?

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) January 18, 2013

Yeah, what if that happens? In America, we do not say no to cute kids. Congress might have to step in, consult that “little book” and figure that one out.


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