Whoops! CBS broadcasts F-bomb during Ravens-Patriots game


“F-bomb” was briefly a trending topic in the United States and worldwide after Twitter users heard the word on television during the AFC Championship football game.


Did any one else just hear the really loud F-bomb during the Ravens game in the background?

— Darien Knudsen (@DarienKnudsen) January 21, 2013

300th tweet goes out to anyone who heard that F bomb dropped about a minute ago during the ravens pats game #classic

— Whitez McDunkington (@Spanky_One420) January 21, 2013

Anyone else hear the F-Bomb as part of the “ambient sounds”of the Ravens/Patriots game?Oops!#ravens #patriots

— Ann Harrison (@AnnAgain66) January 21, 2013

Definitely rewinded the tv to listen to that F-bomb on the Ravens/Pats game. #waytogoCBS

— Whitney H (@observantturtle) January 21, 2013

Did any one else just hear the f-bomb on the Ravens game?

— Adam Bushcott (@AGX21) January 21, 2013

We don’t endorse curse words on national broadcast TV, but in comparison to some of the filth that’s freely available to anyone with an Internet connection, this is pretty mild stuff.

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