Why Joe Jonas is perfect


Dear readers,

Joe Jonas is perfect.


Okay, okay. For some reason we logged onto Twitter this morning to see “Joe Jonas is Perfect” as a top worldwide trend. Lucky for you we spent hours (actually just a few minutes) to investigate the topic and here’s what we found.


He make mistakes, he has flaws, like everybody. But for us, he's perfect. Joe Jonas Is Perfect.

— Jealous. (@IHaveOJD_) May 14, 2012

You hate Joe & he ignores you. You insult him & Joe shows respect. You judge him & he goes on. Haters make him perfect. Joe Jonas Is Perfect

— Jonas Brothers (@SweetsJonas) May 14, 2012

people who hate on Joe are actually in denial because even then they still make time to think about him. Joe Jonas Is Perfect

— #IkerNoEstaSolo (@FemmiFootieGurl) May 14, 2012


Joe Jonas is perfect, and i'm also talking about his heart of gold, he's a beautiful human being.

— ♡ (@teamsmgx) May 14, 2012


Joe is intelligent. Joe is funny. Joe is a sweetie. Joe is down to earth. Joe Jonas Is Perfect

— Amy (@AmyJoMoocow) May 14, 2012

I think Joe Jonas should be the definition of ''perfect'' in the dictionary. Joe Jonas Is Perfect.

— Jealous. (@IHaveOJD_) May 14, 2012

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