Jenna Jameson endorses Marco Rubio? –

So this just happened. It looks like former adult-film superstar Jenna Jameson just endorsed Marco Rubio: Boom. This actually isn’t as odd as it sounds. She endorse Mitt Romney in 2012 and is a regular on Twitchy, in a good way: Jenna Jameson slams Obama for voting present on bill to protect rape victims Sweet […]


‘It was her f*cking job!’ Jon Favreau has EPIC meltdown over WSJ piece on Susan Rice ‘leaking’

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Wanna know what triggers Jon Favreau? This does: WSJ editorial: "Rice would have had no obvious need to unmask Trump camp officials other than political curiosity" — McKay Coppins (@mckaycoppins) April 4, 2017 LOOK OUT, he’s gonna blow! It was her fucking job to know this information! This is utter bullshit. — Jon […]


Want to see something really scary? Check out these #ObamaHorrorFilms!/djwolf76/status/244507025701212160 Now that we’ve all seen Clint Eastwood’s chilling star turn in “The Invisible President,” we’re hungry for more. We’re sure if Hollywood put aside political differences and made any of these awesome #ObamaHorrorFilms, they’d gross $16 trillion with no problem. Children of the ACORN #obamahorrorfilms — Ms. Marshall Stax (@chickjustin) September 8, 2012 #ObamaHorrorFilms […]


These Puppies Were Abandoned And Living On The Streets Then They Were Saved

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The mother of these stray puppies left them one day in search of food. Unfortunately for the pups, she never returned. The tiny pooches had to scavenge for food and try to survive on their own. Luckily, someone from the neighborhood stepped in and fed them for a few weeks and then called the good […]


Emily Miller: Airport souvenir shop already decided the 2016 candidates [pic]

, ,!/EmilyMiller/status/419214218609823746 The photo shared by Emily Miller of the Washington Times settles it then. Cancel the primaries and conventions. Or maybe not:!/WarEverlasting/status/419216782377771008!/HzmtH1/status/419216920727281665 There was a brief moment of optimism, but it wasn’t to be:!/dbc603/status/419216549765840896 Read more:


‘SH*THOLE Twitter’: Meghan McCain RIPS Jennifer Rubin for trolling Mollie Hemingway’s KIDS

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If you find yourself taking screenshots of people you disagree with so you can mock them WITHOUT tagging them to defend themselves you might want to rethink how you Twitter because that is WEAK. For some reason, @UrbanAchievr took it upon himself to screenshot one of Mollie Hemingway’s tweets so he could use it to […]