What makes you smile?

http://twitter.com/#!/munchkiintingz/status/188692812844367872 Smiling is something that is reserved for unique times. Twitter came up with some various answers to what triggers a smile. https://twitter.com/#!/mikailajayline/status/188692871698853889 #WhatMakesMeSmile large quantities of marijuana. — ∞ (@weedgetalong) April 7, 2012 “@ItsPukii_xDD: #WhatMakesMeSmile : food” — Danella Sanchez (@lasanwichera) April 7, 2012 #WhatMakesMeSmile when people around me r smiling. — Kaylan❤️ (@kaylan_breanna) […]


Two Boys Were Playing In Their House When They Made a TERRIFYING Discovery. Seriously, OMG.

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Most people believe that they are safe inside their own homes. This story just proves, though, that even that is rarely true. Two boys were playing rough in their parents room when they made a startling discovery. This could chill any homeowner down to their very core. The house was built in the early 2000s. […]